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Habits die hard....

Habits die hard....~Ayush Jain

Many people in this world make a hell amount of resolutions for the so called "New Year".... And as the year begins, slowly and gradually, those resolutions vanish somewhere without even making a beep.. I wish we had a mechanism through which we could monitor ourselves and rate ourselves on our own parameters constantly.. like a software for websites, or may be search engines... whatever...
May be whenever we are about to break some of our resolution, it will make some awkward beep sound to make us realise our fault... You know, something like that..
If we have a mechanism like that, we will be able to see ourselves outside ourselves, and that is where a lot of difference is created. If a person is able to see himself detached from himself, he can analyse himself well, see as to where he is heading, is this where he really want to go ?? How good is he  managing his life in terms of... whatever parameter one wishes to use.... But, all in all, this kind of analysis will really help us monitor that whenever we think we are contented with our ways of living, with our attitude towards various issues in our life; are we really supposed to have that feeling in our mind ?? Considering, the ultimate goal or aim we intend to achieve...?? Sometimes, in leiu of finding peace we comfort ourselves by taking a break, we think that taking a break from all the issues of our life for a while, we will be able to handle things in a better way when we return; don't know about all; but at least in my case it really doesn't work. In fact it makes things worse for me..Sometimes we just need to understand that whatever we need to handle, can easily be done in the given time frame if we just stay calm and maintain our inner peace... But obviously that doesn't happen....
We rather subconsciously start worrying, and this is the point where problems begin coz our inner peace balance is disturbed.. May be a lot of practice is required in maintaining inner peace, and taking a break may be helpful for people but for me, it really doesn't work....
One solution can be, to pen it down.. Whatever needs to be done should be written down, with the time frame required.. Hmm.. but this idea is better said than done... But at least while doing this we get a lot of self motivation that yes things can be finished off... But it has got its own cons, when we slowly watch that we are behind our schedule, it moves our nerves. In some people's views, this condition may not be good for the other tasks to be completed, but in my point of view, this condition is pretty good if we don't reach saturation.. The reason being that this kind of situation brings out the best in us. As, it is rightly said "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.." ..
And so, to an extent this helps us.. Because, we are able to push ourselves out of our comfort zones.. The best in us can come out only if we are out of our cozy comfort levels.. So, we may at times feel frustrated, and long for a break, but we ought to be mentally be strong and keep going and display our endurance till the task we thought to complete is not over...
I guess am deviating from the title.. Hehe... Anyways, may be that is why the blog title is The World of Random Thoughts... coz the flow of thoughts has no boundaries..Anyways, lot of useless stuff has already been added, so I better go off now...

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A short trip of mine. Lets learn a lesson. This Diwali.!!

As a child I really used to enjoy bursting crackers. It was really fun to do so with my family members and especially my cousins. But things have changed profoundly ever since. I now don’t like bursting crackers and in fact advice others to dissuade doing so.

Pollution Caused By The Diwali Crackers
Pollution due to Anaars
 A recent trip of mine, a very short one reinforced my perception. I was kind of bored so thought of going to CMC and pay a visit to the Jain temple there. I had some time at my disposal so I thought I will easily return by dinner time. As I was in a thoughtful temperament so preferred walking till Chittoor bus stand rather than taking an auto. But the little experiences I had on my way, changed my mind and after reaching till Chittoor bus stand I took an auto back to the campus. This is how it goes…

On my way as I was going, I was excited like a child as I could see the multicoloured egressing stars from the rockets in the sky from a distance. They looked magnificent, simply amazing. As I moved forward, the area where small houses are there, people were busy bursting crackers, the common ones which we see like the anaars, zameen chakri, rockets, bombs etc. 
Pollution due to Diwali Rockets
Pollution due to Rockets

But it was very difficult to pass from that area for me because I could not clearly see. I thought my spectacles are not clean because of the rain. But I was completely wrong because even without the spectacles I could not see clearly, so you can imagine how much smoke was there.

But this was not my only observation. I could see smiles on the faces of the small children and on their guardians. They all were happy. They were celebrating Diwali in their own way, though I believe they are economically weak. Still, the people were happy because their children were happy. Earning money is difficult but it is even more difficult to earn smiles on the faces of people you love, isn’t it ?

Anyways, as I moved forward on the left side there was a piece of empty land so I could see the horizon on my left where the land seems to meet the sky. To my surprise the lower half of the sky which was nearer to the land was of such a colour that it was scary to see that, it was thick whitish grey. Imagine the colour of the sky when all the houses in that area were put on fire. The smoke will rise up and would cover much of the portion of the sky; that was exactly what it seemed like. 

A city Mo(u)rning  after Diwali
A city Mo(u)rning  after Diwali
Imagine the people of that area, breathing in that air which had huge component of smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, manganese and even cadmium in it.

Now I have an important issue here, just to see the smiles on our children’s faces are we really ready to pay the price with their illness. (Other way round, if we are economically strong, does that mean we can waste water, electricity and other resources just because we can pay for them ? Similarly, in this case, does it mean we can pollute our environment recklessly just because we can pay for the colossal amount of crackers?)

Diwali and Asthma
Diwali and Asthma

I hope we all know about the diseases from which small children may suffer from, if this is the kind of air they breathe. Some of such diseases are asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and many more. Are those smiles really worth this price ?

We really need to understand this. Smile is an expression of happiness, and happiness is a symbol of purity. Moreover, I presume children are indeed the most pure human beings on this earth. So, is it difficult to make them happy ? Sometimes, unlike us, they don’t even need a reason to be happy. They not only keep themselves happy but also spread happiness in our lives, they have no tensions, no worries. Do you know why ? 

Child exposed to pollution in Diwali
Child exposed to pollution in Diwali
Because they have immense faith in their parents, they believe that they are always there for us to protect us, to tell us what is right and what is wrong. So, are we really protecting them by bursting crackers and making our environment so very polluted that Earth is not going to be the same place for their children, our grandchildren and the generations yet to come, to live here. This is a very basic question which we don’t need to answer to anyone, but, to ourselves. If we are doing it for our children’s happiness; think twice, is this the only thing we can do for that. Moreover, it is our responsibility to teach them whether it is right to do so or not. Also, if we are doing this for our own happiness (and not for children), well in this case as well same thing is applicable (because I assume you are of same category ie children and are not yet adult).

Bursting crackers was never supposed to be the synonym to Diwali. Diwali, in fact it is about the return of Lord Rama victorious from the battle which proved that good is always supposed to win over evil; so let us make sure that our home planet Earth does not lose this battle against this evil named “Pollution”, because if this happens, we will be the biggest losers !!

I think it is high time for each of us to understand our responsibility in this battle against pollution because ultimately, this is about our very existence and we can’t afford to lose it !!

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Feeling sad sad sad..

Feeling sad sad sad.. Ayush Jain
What to do when things are just not going your way. .  Everything you do, goes wrong. . Whatever you try fix up goes messed up.. However hard you try and work on something, ultimately, the result is absolute frustration, kind of a failure... Whom should you blame when you think that its only you coz of whom all this mess is taking place... Everything goes negative and you just can't see any hope of improvement.. Whatever you expect, things go absolutely go the other way round.. In such frame of mind, we think its better not to expect anything even from ourselves, coz every damn thing you try goes wrong wrong wrong !!!... Need a lot of patience, peace and may be quite other things I can't even think of at this point of time..

Yeah.. I guess each one of us goes through this phase many times in life when not even a single ray of hope appears... . Well, I think this is the best time of life coz He wants us to learn some very crucial lessons of life and is somehow saving us from situations which can be worst than ones right now.. So, that may be the reason for this "phase". . We learn a lot during this time, we get to know our true friends, true buddies, and also the true faces of many people are revealed... But these things don't matter a lot in life.. What truly matters is that you get more matured, more experienced and of course you will be handle yourself better in a similar situation in future..  So, may be we just need to be patient and believe in ourselves that inspite of everything going wrong I can rise up... again ... and conquer. Am actually privileged coz the winner did not have to go through all this and he missed a lot of opportunities underneath failure which I could access coz of being a "failure"..... Or may be he did go through all this.. that is why he is the winner now, and not me... Ahh, this is indeed a good sign, if I capitalize upon the opportunities underneath "failure", I can be the next "winner".. Wow, thats great, I had to learn some important things which I need to be a winner and that is why I am not a "winner" but a "failure"....  Oh great, now I got it, "failure" is a state of mind, if you accept it as an opportunity (or opportunities) it is a phase before failure, as they say "If you have never failed, you've never lived..."... And if  we don't see the positives of failure, well, this is an alarming bell, coz another failure awaits you, and yet another failure and it goes on and on and on, till we learn to see the optimism in it, only then we get the hint that yes failure is the one just before success... As they say... "Success is just one more try..."

Hmm.. now am feeling great... no more feeling sad sad sad... Because now I know what to do...
I don't understand why don't I come to know what is going in my mind, until I blur it out here and there... somewhere...

With this note, I sign off... Have a good day, whoever reads this stuff, hehe...

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