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Something We Always Notice!!!

Something We Always Notice ~ A Flower Within Lush Greenery

Its always there, that a beautiful flower with luster, will appear between the lush greenery. That is the thing which always get noticed, whenever we cross a scene like that.

~Shyam KC

Incredible India

Incredible India

What makes India incredible?
There should be something very much credible,
Not of those tourist from nook and corner,
Something else does also really matter.

You can watch the game, as per your wish,
Fixing a player, is like a swish,
Even if you are caught, there is nothing to worry,
Popularity and bail, you will get with assurity.

You are relieved here from great distress,
Choosing the leaders is not at all a stress,
All ensure that you get your "prizes",
That you will be dealt with each and every crisis.

Its an abode for the people to live,
Even Maoist and Naxalist, have something to give,
If your wish is to meet the supreme lord,
They ensure you that you see the god.

Nation as a whole is a complete theme park,
Roads are big pools when clouds are little dark.
You will master the patience, when you stay here for a day,
When you wait in a queue, for your vehicle to find a way.

We do have a great and kind heart for all,
We accept anything nodding like a doll,
We import petrol and oil, for others sake,
Even if we have gallons, which we can take.

Who doesn't love to live in this country?
Whose name and its fame crosses all boundary.
Some take its name, some hesitate and shy,
Won't you find it out, when my question is why??????

~ K.c. Shyam

Kisi ko apna samaj kar....

Kisi ko apna samaj kar....

Kisi ko apna samaj kar,
Jab har raah me saat diya hoga,
Unn parindo ko saat udte dek kar,
Kabhi sher ko b mahasus hua hoga........

Bhadhaye jab samne dekh kar,
Saathiyo ne apna muh moda hoga,
Tab sher ne b un parindo ko dek,
Soch kar phir hasa hoga......

Aisi logo ki kya zarurat,
Mushkil me saat dete nahi,
Bhed bakariyo jaisa jhund,
Bankar bas reh jaate hai sahi.......

Apna sa bankar ye,
sab ko yakeen dilate hai,
Phir bas kabhi unko, ham,
yaad hi nahi aate hai.......

Saat nibane ki baat kehekar,
Yakeen jab meine kiya,
Tabi me un bhed bakriyo ke,
Jhund mein me shamil hua:-D

~Shyam K C

Nation's intellectual leaders

                                            Nation's intellectual leaders

Leaders of today's nation,
Who represent many faction,
Ruling us as our elected ones,
Is it so my dear ones?

Who said they are ignorant fools,
From uneducated and arrogant "pools",
They know nothing just sit and stare,

Ruling for them is mere nightmare.

If so do we think, then we are wrong,
They are physically and mentally strong,

They play tactics that we never know,

Promises and deeds, they make a big show.

Cunning and shrewd, people are they,
Never let others to come and stray,
Publishing everything for their name and fame,
It is their work, why doing the same?

Join hands with the people, whom they want,
Pulling their legs, after fulfilling their want,
They bend and break rules, whenever they want,
Never get caught, even if we want.

Tap at each and every opportunity they get,
Can do anything until their wishes are met,
Making policies is just an eye-wash,
To hide their money and make us white-washed.

Even if we think, they aren't capable,
Then your judging skills, isn't that able,
When they are going to change, from mean and crook way,
It is the time, which is going to say!!!!! 

~ K.c. Shyam Copyrighted Registered & Protected