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What You Know

 The lyricist of VIT.....Vishal Pisharoti,
The lyrics of the song titled " What You Know"

What You Know : Vishal Pisharoti

The song is the first person account of a person regretting his past, the fact that he has lost someone dear to him. The first verse is an abstract vision of him reminiscing the fateful day of losing his friend.

The chorus is written with an intention of claiming death to be beautiful but a recollection that he hasnt managed to overcome of the partner he had once envisioned.

The second verse is a mere recollection of the past events and how vague his love turned out to be(explained with ended in blinding sea) despite being so close to him(explained through portieres). Its a moment he can never regret because even if he wanted to, he was never given a chance to claim his guilt or mistakes because his love covered all his wrong actions.

The song continues with him claiming death to be a sudden, but beautiful thing in human nature, however, his past still haunts him thus collapsing his own world.

The song is written as a song and does not consist of a definite rhyme scheme and is explained in a more abstract manner. Hope you like it.

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