Its time to change the world

Its time to change the world By K C Shyam

Wandering in the thoughts of mine,
Let me throw you some shine,
Watching the squalor of ours,
On what we created among us.

Roaming on a worldwide tour,
Ever seen a nearby shore,
Making friends off the border,
Ever talked to the nearby neighbour?

Seeing lion as a leather,
A bird for its feather,
No rain, no shower,
Left the leaves to get whither.

Your need and your greed,
Will they ever be freed?
You die for the money,
Ever lived for your honey?

Submerged in the world of work,
Did this thought ever struck?
For the job, the time you share,
Spent time for whom you care?

Jarring music you do hear,
Listened to cuckoo, from near?
You turn on AC, in four cornered room,
Ever felt the wind when those flowers bloom?

We are now stuck in the cobwebs,
It's us to wade off these webs,
We only create and innovate,
It's time for us to renovate!!!

~shyam k c

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