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Why eating in a jiffy???

Why to eat in a jiffy?

Early in the morning every mother acts like a alarm to wake each and every one in the house but whatever may be the situation we almost wake up when it is almost late. Not forgetting about the hostellers, most of the time they are late as they tap that alarm each time when it starts to sing.  So we may tend to skip bathing so as to save water and time, but never forget to bath with so called perfumes and deos. Since time doesn't allow us to eat or maybe we think it is, we just tend to grab a slice of bread or two and tend to eat it in the car while driving or just we stash in the food vigorously into our mouth.  At this intensity of this situation when the mobile rings, gone are we, at the height of dilemma what to do. We reach the office at the neck breaking time honking the car impatiently and cursing others at the traffic jam. Then we just thrash in the last piece of bread in the mouth, taking a deep breath as if we have achieved something extra ordinary. It already feels like an epoch to reach office, how could we find time for petty matters like washing the hands? As the day proceeds we are submerged in the sea of work that we have to do, then who cares to eat the lunch and drink a glass of water or two.  Tiring ourselves with the day's work, we sit back in our moving machines called cars and again do the same thing honking and cursing to reach back our homes. With whole energy drained out, gobbling anything we find to eat we lay down for the next day.
Just stop for a second or two, my dear learned ones and think where are we heading to? Are we not becoming the machines of today? We spend loads of money and hours of time sitting in the hospital in queue to see the doctor for hypertension, blood pressure and other health related issues. Can't we find few minutes in a day for eating the food calmly? Why to worry when we leave at least 5 minutes before so as to avoid the tension and irritation on our way to the office? Let us not forget the very old saying " Early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise". We tend to read but not proceed with the same. This is where we lag and it becomes a snag in our life relating to all sorts of problem in our life. If we do not forget these small things and remember each time our morning alarm rings, you may certainly find a difference for sure!!!

~Shyam K C Copyrighted Registered & Protected