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I'm Here My Friend

EveryBody Needs A Friend

I’m your friend, i’ll share your pain.
I’m here for you through
the sunshine and the rain.

Through the pretty, the ugly,
the good, and the bad, i promise
to be here, my friendship is not just a fad.

Life is hard, but I’m here.
although losing you is my only fear.
but i know you’re strong and will
over come this fight.
just remember that in the end of
every dark tunnel you will always find
that shining light.



The Theives

The night was dark,
The dogs barked.

I was on my bed,
The thieves said.

"Let's search the house",
I thought it was just a mouse.

They came inside,
I found no place to hide.

They came near me,
And asked for the locker key,

Bravely I said,"go outside
and keep this mission aside".

They brandished a shining knife,
In danger was my precious life.

They haunted me the whole night,
This drama ended with the first daylight.

I woke up from a deep sleep,
Still frightened of those truculent creeps.

My dream was really so scary,
Its unpleasant memory I still carry.


A Smile

A Smile

When you are sad,
When you are feeling bad
S gives you a smile
H do you feel for a while?
You think the whole World is against you
B there is someone who really cares for you,
If not, there's the sweet little smile,
That will be your companion all your life.



Kind Or Blind? Ornamental Use of Animal's Body part

Have you ever eaten chicken or fish fry?
& heard someone's chocked cry?
Or ever relished elaborately prepared meat,
& tried to hear someone's tormented bleats?
No, we just want to satisfy our hunger,
At the cost of someone's flesh, skin,
And even nails from the fingers.
We need perfumes made of musk's,
& jewelery made of tusks.
We need good quality leather,
& birds with bright & colorful feathers.
Inspite of being killers we are never jailed,
Rarely if we are arrested, we easily get bailed.
Have you ever seen animals carrying heavily loaded carts?
& noticed there wounded & bleeding parts?
We are pleased to see zoos full of animals.
But never noticed their captive cries & yells.
No, because we don't have any compassion,
We merrily kill them for the sake of fashion.
These innocent creatures can't express their anguish,
& we don't want to see,
So, who are animals they or we?



Be positive
Say every morning to yourself -"Today is going to be a great day."
Say before starting your day,"I am going to make someone happy today."
Say before you do any work,"Yes, I can do it easily."
Say if you are worried,"Things don't get better by worrying about them."
Say to yourself if you fail,"Let it be this time, next time will be mine."
Life is great,
Make the most of it and
Don't be sad because,
There is always something to jest,.
Be an optimist & believe in yourself.
Cause you are The BEST.



In the first period of civics,
I was doing the Home Work of Physics.

I was doing it seceretly & silently.
When the teacher came along quietly.

He gave me an angry look ,
& snatched away my book.

Terrified I stood there,
trembling to the tip of my hair.

"Get out", were the only two words I heard,
Indeed these were the words I fear.

Standing out of the class you know,
Makes one fell so depressed & low.

So I took a strong resolution,
Never to give in to the temptation.

Of doing the work of History & Physics,
In the first period of Civics.


Crying Mother Earth

Crying Mother Earth~ A Poem
Poor mother earth
Who gave us birth

Is now on her way to destruction,
Choking on smoke & grim pollution.

Poor mother earth,
Who gave us water, air.

Food & the benevolent sun,
Is now under the burden of over construction.

Poor mother earth,
Who quenches our thrust.

Is now shrouded with gun powder,
& is going to bust.

Poor mother earth,
Who gave us life, is now going to die.

Because we are not showing any care,
& welcoming the dooms day to appear.

The only way to save our earth is compromise,
But when will that day come,



DEATH-The Outside World

DEATH-The Outside World

When a man
Lies in his grave
And sleeps in his
Mother's arms.
With the blanket
Of the vast sky over him.
Unaware of the world outside.
Unaware of the,
Human Savage behaviour.
He sleeps in his grave,
And the nightingale,
And the animals and nature
Sing for him.
The melody of the song,
That touches his heart
And comforts his soul
Decays with him
As time passes by.



I WISH I COULD get back my school days

Among the trees I grew up,
Unknown the decades has passed,
Going up the stairs was just a game,
Now standing at the top, I feel scared,
One more step I"ll be alone,
Nobody to share my joys & sorrows,
No one to care for my feelings,
In the world of complete strangers,
These thoughts with me day & night,
I have become so big instantly,
That many things rely on my hands-
My career, my future, & things I never thought of,
I wish there was some other way.
That I could get back.
I wish I had a choice to take my friend along,
I wish I was a kid,
I wish I could I stay hare
Among my friends & teachers,
Among these trees & buildings.

Dedicated to My School
Army School Ranikhet

Powerful 'P'- An awakening poem about nature

Powerful 'P'

'P' for power plants
& power plants for pollution.
'P' for polythene
& polythene for pollution.
'P' for population
& population for pollution.
But when 'P' is plantation
it is always a solution.




It was one of those hectic days,
When suddenly a sight drew my attention,
I saw a little boy sitting alone looking anything but gay.
She sat on the pavement, alone in the abyss of dismay.
His eyes with tears somehow controlled, revealed the pain in him untold.
He stared at me & then at the sky, as if questioning the Almighty why-
his father was killed in the bridge collapsed, his mother died with a broken heart,
he was left in the world mean & brutal, deprived of food, clothes & shelter.
A tear rolled down his cheek,
wiping it with his dirty sleeve,
He didn't know why he was there?
Why the Just & kind god to him was unfair?
Why the almighty who loved all, made pain his lot?
& left him to suffer, dejected & ignored?
His plight left equality, justice & human right questioned.
And left me wondering whether it was his misfortune or the end of the civilization?



As I passed through the deserted lane,
I heard a cry filled with immense pain,
In vain I looked around,
Strange! no one was found,
I then realized the cry was of the Earth below.
It wailed, " Restore me back to what I was long ago."
Our mother earth, has been vanishing by the menace of the polythene.
The diabolic pollutant has become prolific.
And has turned ecology helpless & weak.

~Bunty Copyrighted Registered & Protected