Kind Or Blind? Ornamental Use of Animal's Body part

Have you ever eaten chicken or fish fry?
& heard someone's chocked cry?
Or ever relished elaborately prepared meat,
& tried to hear someone's tormented bleats?
No, we just want to satisfy our hunger,
At the cost of someone's flesh, skin,
And even nails from the fingers.
We need perfumes made of musk's,
& jewelery made of tusks.
We need good quality leather,
& birds with bright & colorful feathers.
Inspite of being killers we are never jailed,
Rarely if we are arrested, we easily get bailed.
Have you ever seen animals carrying heavily loaded carts?
& noticed there wounded & bleeding parts?
We are pleased to see zoos full of animals.
But never noticed their captive cries & yells.
No, because we don't have any compassion,
We merrily kill them for the sake of fashion.
These innocent creatures can't express their anguish,
& we don't want to see,
So, who are animals they or we?


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