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Mitti di khushboo- Instrumental

fUn is nOt jUst the cRaCkers

Festive mood with sweets and sparks,
For at least a week, it will last,
Day and night, it turns to one,
Resting in peace, will there be anyone?

With bursting noise, rattling your spine,
With crackling sound, making the dogs whine,
Colors of light, as Diwali was to be,
Crackers and fireworks,as you made it to be.

Prowess of firework, that you display,
Choking millions of them, on your verge of this play.
Smokers are better, who affect themselves and passerby,
Are you better off on your part, to deny ?

Taking oaths and pledges, for green and clean nation,
Make pretty sure that you turn them to action.
Burst your ego and not just the crackers,
This will solve most of the problems.

Spread this light, as you read,
Turn this seed, not into weed,
Let the people be resting in peace,
Don't let them " rest in peace" !!!!

Shyam k c

Messi magic-Lionel Messi Sketch By K C SHYAM

Lionel Messi Sketch By K C SHYAM
Lionel Messi Sketch By K C Shyam

Its always you, who decide....

The crown prince of congress,
Will realize today,
The game of the throne,
Is not a child's play.........

Once in a blue moon,
It does happen,
Youth of the country,
Awaiting different to happen........

Rallies and campaigns,
Were always there,
But still this time,
It was something rare........

The election and its results,
Will not impress me a lot,
But the people's mind to vote,
Will change quite a lot !!!


Every vote will count

Ever Vote Will Count

To bring in more transparency,
And to alleviate secrecy,
To avoid one's supremacy,
Let's vote for democracy.
Parties across many provinces,
Whose candidates with many promises,
Spreading their prominence,
To ensure their dominance.
They trade the vote with cash,
From their previous stash,
Try every means to squash,
Their opponent with whom they clash.
Every vote will change,
Every hope will remain,
Every word will be heard, when
Every finger is inked!!!


Me or you......Or just only you...........

#note :
 Reading the poem from the beginning makes you feel happy that u r clever....but when u read the poem word by word starting from end , there is something interesting in store for you.......

Me or you......Or just only you........... By K C Shyam

Think, you twice
Days or week,
Me or you,
Or only you

Please you more,
Praise you high,
Know you better
Never, I am clever.

Hesitate never,
Smarter is former,
Questions' one ever,
You or me.

Swift and shrewd,
Wise and true,
Here am I,
You to prove.....

-K.c. Shyam

A two way valentine poem


A two way valentine poem By K C Shyam

Here to mingle,
Not happy,
As a single,
As life is so great,
And latter is a grate.

When I  look at you,
I am always complete,but I am incomplete,
For the world I meet.

The gleaming beauty of your face,
Never I forget, even those memories fade of
My friends and my days.

The time for you, to spare,
I do care,even I don't mind,
My work and my share.

The words from your lips,
So sweet, so humble but cacophony are those,
Whilst I listen others sing.

Your thought and your memories,
Are first to strike, let go into Thames, be it,
My carrier and desire.

You and your love,
Is my integral part, let go to hell,
The rest of the part.

~shyam k.c

Its time to change the world

Its time to change the world By K C Shyam

Wandering in the thoughts of mine,
Let me throw you some shine,
Watching the squalor of ours,
On what we created among us.

Roaming on a worldwide tour,
Ever seen a nearby shore,
Making friends off the border,
Ever talked to the nearby neighbour?

Seeing lion as a leather,
A bird for its feather,
No rain, no shower,
Left the leaves to get whither.

Your need and your greed,
Will they ever be freed?
You die for the money,
Ever lived for your honey?

Submerged in the world of work,
Did this thought ever struck?
For the job, the time you share,
Spent time for whom you care?

Jarring music you do hear,
Listened to cuckoo, from near?
You turn on AC, in four cornered room,
Ever felt the wind when those flowers bloom?

We are now stuck in the cobwebs,
It's us to wade off these webs,
We only create and innovate,
It's time for us to renovate!!!

~shyam k c

Ram chahe leela chahe remix

Ram chahe leela chahe remix: By K C Shyam

Dil aur doosti...

Dil Aur Dosti, (Heart & Friendship), Broken Glass

Dil aur doosti bas ek kaanch si hai,

Agar tut jaye toh kabhi judti nahi,

Agar wapas chaho toh bhi,

Saath milti nahi, 

Bas yu hi bata raha hu ab tumhe,

Kisi ka dil thod kar phir rona nahi.......:-D:-D

~Shyam K C

Odd One Out!!!

Odd One Out~ Shyam KC

Yes from a Mobile Camera Photography is possible. No Matter how expensive your camera is, the photography skill will come from inside. Your skills will make you "Odd One Out"!

Why eating in a jiffy???

Why to eat in a jiffy?

Early in the morning every mother acts like a alarm to wake each and every one in the house but whatever may be the situation we almost wake up when it is almost late. Not forgetting about the hostellers, most of the time they are late as they tap that alarm each time when it starts to sing.  So we may tend to skip bathing so as to save water and time, but never forget to bath with so called perfumes and deos. Since time doesn't allow us to eat or maybe we think it is, we just tend to grab a slice of bread or two and tend to eat it in the car while driving or just we stash in the food vigorously into our mouth.  At this intensity of this situation when the mobile rings, gone are we, at the height of dilemma what to do. We reach the office at the neck breaking time honking the car impatiently and cursing others at the traffic jam. Then we just thrash in the last piece of bread in the mouth, taking a deep breath as if we have achieved something extra ordinary. It already feels like an epoch to reach office, how could we find time for petty matters like washing the hands? As the day proceeds we are submerged in the sea of work that we have to do, then who cares to eat the lunch and drink a glass of water or two.  Tiring ourselves with the day's work, we sit back in our moving machines called cars and again do the same thing honking and cursing to reach back our homes. With whole energy drained out, gobbling anything we find to eat we lay down for the next day.
Just stop for a second or two, my dear learned ones and think where are we heading to? Are we not becoming the machines of today? We spend loads of money and hours of time sitting in the hospital in queue to see the doctor for hypertension, blood pressure and other health related issues. Can't we find few minutes in a day for eating the food calmly? Why to worry when we leave at least 5 minutes before so as to avoid the tension and irritation on our way to the office? Let us not forget the very old saying " Early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise". We tend to read but not proceed with the same. This is where we lag and it becomes a snag in our life relating to all sorts of problem in our life. If we do not forget these small things and remember each time our morning alarm rings, you may certainly find a difference for sure!!!

~Shyam K C

The dark cloud of discrimination

The dark cloud of discrimination
Sets and classes, caste and creed,
Made by humans, for their greed,
Torn by apathy, with no empathy,
I am writing this one with full of sympathy.

The nations with people with varied stature,
Why do we have then, narrowed nature,
If I look into the, near future,
The country would be in mere fracture.

For their pockets to fill and treasuries to flow,
Now reservations are on the go,
Think for a moment, on your part,
SC and ST, why they are set apart?

Thinking of a bill for those Olympian races,
Where a SC made first, for the reservation he faces,
Others may have just their talents to show,
And hang their heads with shame and bow.

With privilege and priority, they are set apart,
Often we forget the realistic part,
Nation's pride is now on a bumpy ride,
Its now us to do, something from our side !!!!!!


Sharp eyed one!!!

Portrait Of An Eagle ~ Shyam K C
Portrait Of An Eagle

Yes they are magnificent. Yes they are adorable. Yes they are Majestic. Yes they have sharp eyes.

~ Shyam KC

Flowers n flowers....

Flowers and Flowers A Colorful Sketch ~ SHYAM
Flowers, a creation of nature, which when seen as such, which when touched, which when felt, or which when painted, their beauty is always being the subject of praise.

~Shyam KC

Kya ham sach me swatantra hai??

Is our nation truely independent~ A Poem
Mein ab tum logo ko,
Uss duniya ki oor le chala;
Nawab aur rajao ka hi,
Marzi se jaha raj chala.........................

Ek hukum hi kafi tha, jab,
Kai sirr katkar gir jaate the,
Sirr utane ka b himmat, tab,
Bas sochte hi ham raha jaate the......................

Unki pidi toh khatam ho gayi,
Phir b aaj ham peedit hai,
netao ka veesh pehankar,
shayad, ab b ye jeevit hai..............................

Logo ka pratiniditva kehekar,
Apna shasan chalate hai,
beyimaani, beroozgari ko hi apna,
haatiyaar banakar chalte hai..........................

noto se har kaam ye chalate,
kya ham itne tuchh prani hai?
kaam aane par, muhh jo modte,
unn rajao se b haavi hai................................

Ek prashn ut tha hai mujme,
kya ye peedi, avyaay hi reha jaayegi,
kartavya samajkar, ham me se ek aaye toh,
sabki zindagi badal jayegi......................

~Shyam K C 

From the beginning of time....

From The begineeing of Time ~ An Earth Oriented Poem
Ever since the earth, began to shape,
Life made, other planets to gape,
Varied forms, that gloomed and bloomed,
Human species, also mushroomed..........

Their senses made to look apart,
Of which, till now, they were a common part,
Considering as, masters of nature,
Started their way to mark their capture........

Their thoughts and woes seemed to divide,
Civilized ones were set aside,
Inhuman deeds started to creep,
Everyone were left to weep..............

Though modern era brought some change,
Liberty, fraternity were among the range,
Some good will were spread afar,
But loose ends were still ajar...........

Media played a dual role,
Instigating each and every soul,
Subtle changes that structured our stigma,
Often biased, but covered by a lemma.............

Crooks and goons, when started to boon,
Made us their bait, that too very soon,
Persistent ones were left to slay,
Others were just mere child's play...........

Often left as other's problem,
Never know, when you will be their emblem,
So please do consider and do heed,
To finish off this, new bitter breed..............

-Shyam K C

IIT dreams

IIT dreams~ A Poem
Dreams of the millions,
flying past the sky,
injected into them,
when they were not so high....

From a puny tiny seed,
till those fruit hanging sweet,
never one tries to be at shore,
till he scores his IIT goal....

Millions of candles burned to dead,
adhesive eyes remained out of cossy bed,
pages losing their right corner,
sitting ages away like silent mourner.....

If you aren't a born prodigy,
then should have a proper stratergy,
thinking of being bookworm,
then you will be like a house swept in storm.....

The paper squeezes one's mental part,
totally you will be torn apart,
its a trick with a treat,
with some guesses to a geek....

Filled with notions, overflowing emotions,
like those seven mighty great oceans,
some zooming past the world so high,
seeing the bits of shattered hearts wry.....

No pain no gain is now old concept,
concentration remained an integral prospect,
smartness is what you need to acquire,
to make yourself for others to inspire.....

~Shyam K C

Beautiful Her....

Beautiful Her....A Sketch ~ Shyam KC
Yes its is rightly said that beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer. The artist portray his/her art as he/she sees it through his/her eyes. The sketch represent that beauty...

~Shyam KC

Sache doost!!!

Sacche Dost~ True Friends

Bas aapki baatein khush kar deti hai hame,
Naa jaane kitne hi jhut ho usme,
Sunne me toh lakh milte hain,
Par ache doost se taarif kam hi milte hain.

~ Shyam KC Copyrighted Registered & Protected