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To Do or Not To Do

No matter what field you are working in, at some point of time we all use the concept of the To Do List. This is something that people at times use not only in their professional life but also in their personal life. It indeed is a very effective method to keep an eye on all the tasks at once and to ensure that we do not miss on anything. Though I am not really into such kind of planning etc. but ever since I have been into the working force I have had to start using it and I have to admit that it really does helps to complete the tasks in time.

I have been using the To Do lists in diary rather than any electronic form because I was more comfortable with it. Also, some people who had tried the electronic forms of To Dos recommended that the hard copy format is effective. Nevertheless, you will find that people preferring the electronic form are more than that of the hard copy. I personally believe that writing by hand has its own aura and conjuration.

To Do or Not To Do  ~Ayush Jain
Anyways, I then started off with the electronic mediums for the To Do lists. Now, there were ample numbers of options available, which one to choose? After some basic search around I started off with Evernote and Wunderlist. Initially, you may take some time in being familiar with them and being habitual to them but slowly and gradually it becomes an important component for your day to day activities and also to plan the week or month well in advance.

Evernote is an amazing tool for taking all your notes, web pages you like, images etc in one place and has amazing methods to categorize data and retrieve as and when needed with the help of Tags, Notebooks (and similar jargons) etc. So, this is something you can use for long term thing.

For day to day, Wunderlist is an awesome tool or actually not Wunderlist but Wunderlist 2. It has a very neat interface and is very simple to use with the options of creating different lists for different tasks, adding notes to individual tasks, marking them crossed when done, setting up reminders etc.

So, you can use Wunderlist for short term planning and Evernote for long term planning & single point repository for notes, content and data you would like to visit time and again.
To add on to that, you can use both of these on your cellphones as they have their apps available.

To Do or Not To Do  ~Ayush Jain

Amazing tools they surely are but every now and then I also use my diary, not sure if any electronic tool would be capable enough to make me switch entirely to the electronic form!

Do try them and happy planning.

Find them here:

Where are we heading ? Is it a dead end ?

Where are we heading ? Is it a dead end ?  ~Ayush Jain

The title may sound strange because it is quite intermingled with various domains.. Well, the world as we know it and the complete human civilization on a whole, is growing and advancing very fast.. No matter what field it may be, we really are making progress; may it be the medical field, the IT sector, the civil architecture or any other.. But, the prime question here is that are we really advancing ?? What I mean is that on what parameters do we judge that ?? 

It always has been a convention for us to judge anything, relative to something else. Forget about the leyman examples, even 'time' is something that we judge relatively.. So, with this frame of mind how do we judge the advancement of the human civilisation when we have to do it in the absolute way and NOT the relative way ??

We indeed are heading ahead in technology, medical etc. but are these the real parameters to judge the civilisation's growth ?? When we are analysing it at the level of "the bigger picture"; it's important to ponder upon at the average human being's level... The average human being of NOT some country but the average human being on this earth.. Does the medical growth improve the life expectancy of this person ?? We need to consider the economic status as well, is the treatment really within the reach ?? Does the latest technology invented in the automobile sector or the IT sector really make the life of this average person any better (don't read comfortable) ? 

It is sad that we really have forgotten the real parameters for judging the growth (or may be we never knew). Even I have no clue as to what they can be but they surely do not seem to be the ones under the current consideration because on a whole, the world seems to be heading towards more chaos.. Well, atleast the Hindu mythology (refer Kalayuga) and Nostradamus predictions tell me so.. 
Hence, it is important to realise and analyse as to where exactly are we heading. And hence we need to find the right parameters that can be referred for growth so that we do not end up in more chaos and disorder.
Even if we want to measure our growth relative to some other civilisations; well then, what choices do we have ?? We don't even know whether we are the only alive planet or not, then how can we measure only on the basis of little information we have about the past civilisations ? 

I cannot conclude this discussion, I guess no-one can but the least we can do is to think about it and find out the measures we can take to make this world more peaceful and a better place to live, for the generations yet to come..!  

The Road To Change

The Road To Change ~Ayush Jain

As we move on with life, we tend to realise that every moment, every fraction of second it is changing it's course. The course of our lives is decided by numerous factors indeed, but I believe somewhere down the line we do play a major role in it's formation. The fact is that, at times we don't even realise that these changes are what later on go on to define what we are or what we become. 

Considering that, the phase of change ie the transition is never easy to handle. The reason being, that we get accustomed to what our traits are or what our situation is, and any change in that puts us out of our comfort zone and hence the transition is not easy. 

But, that being said, it is necessary for the caterpillar to bear with the difficulties of the transition to become a beautiful multi-colored butterfly and it is not it's destiny to stay a caterpillar forever. Also, it is vital to adapt ourselves according to the changing situations only then the transition can be complete and only then it's purpose can be accomplished.

So, it's time to welcome every small or big change in life..:)

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Altered States of Human Mind

Altered States Of Mind ~Ayush JainRecently watched a really interesting episode of Strange Rituals on History Channel, about the Altered States of Human Mind. This episode was about the altered states that humans don’t really attain normally, and various cases demonstrating various different methods by which this has been achieved by a very few among mankind.
To begin with, this discussion has a lot of scientific research to back and hence it cannot just be related to spirituality and religious thoughts. I will also be giving the names of a few scientists who have worked on various aspects of research work regarding the altered states.

Altered States Of Mind ~Ayush Jain
The history is full of instances that reveal the existence of an alternate world which is way beyond our understanding and since ages it has been believed there always has been a gateway of communication between our world and this alternate world. Previous civilizations have referred to it in various different ways but the one whose references have been found quite frequently has been the human mind. It is believed that human mind is indeed the gateway through which the communication is possible and the communication has taken place time and again, in the past. So, the only probable method to attain this is the discipline of mind. This is where meditation comes into the picture.

Altered States Of Mind ~Ayush Jain
Meditation has been widely accepted by the people to attain a disciplined mind. In some of the tribes, it is believed that people used to have the ability of separating their soul from their body and their soul then could travel at a different place altogether. They could achieve this through a certain level of meditation. This also is been considered a method by which their soul actually used to enter that alternate world while their body used to be in deep state of meditation.

Another instance that justifies this is the superhuman abilities depicted by Wim Holf who can easily sustain in freezing cold temperatures in which a normal human being can never stay alive. He is a world record holder for this case and hence is known as “ice man”.

Obviously the scientists have been quite interested in finding the reason for the same and their study revealed that before undergoing any act of facing extreme cold Wim meditates for a while and then when he faces extreme cold, his body produces white blood cells immensely because of which his immune system rapidly increases and eventually his body temperature gradually increases, easily coping with the extreme cold.

Altered States Of Mind ~Ayush Jain
Another phenomenon that aids the existence of altered states of human mind and the alternate world is the phenomenon of “Remote Viewing”. To state it in simple terms, remote viewing is ability to transcend space and time, to view persons, places or things remote in space-time using paranormal means, in particular “extra sensory perception”; to gather and report information on the same.
There have been claims that during the days of cold war among US and USSR, US defense used “remote viewing” via special spies to get armory and other information about the USSR, they also later on funded this research for a long period. You can find a lot of information about this here and here.

Scientists like Herbert Benson, Sigmund Freud, Joseph Rhine have researched a lot on these topics and hence IMO the existence of the alternate world and the concept of altered states of human mind indeed has a scientific backdrop.
In fact I think our scientific community is still too young and naïve to understand these supernatural and paranormal phenomena and it will still take huge amount of time and resources for science to understand these.

Altered States Of Mind ~Ayush Jain
On the contrary, in the spiritual and religious community, the significance of intensive meditation and its effects have been recognized since a long time. They have believed the existence of an alternate world and the reference to this has been found in different religions in different scriptures (not going in detail) but have lacked in reasons and logic. If you follow science religiously, you need not believe this but at least it gives us an insight that such phenomena and incidents that science is not completely able to explain are at least acknowledged by the other community.
The discussion indeed has many perceptions. Anyways, to conclude I would say that in the current age we use a very small fraction of our brain hence, it may be true that these worlds are actually intensely integrated but attributing to our current brain usage, we just don’t have the intellect to understand this and as of now, neither does our science. After all, we are still too young in universe and have a lot to explore. ;)  

P.S: This is an interesting topic, I would like to know your take on this.

Dear Me, :-)

Dear Me ~Ayush Jain
Dear Me,
Hi…. how are you doing these days? I am very sorry for not writing to you for such a long time. I hope everything is going fine. I don’t even remember when was the last time I wrote to you. But you know what, even you have not contacted me in all these years…
Anyways… I have always been thinking about you… Hey, do you remember the time when you were learning to ride a bicycle and you bumped into a person. You must have seen your face at that time. You were so scared as if you killed someone…hehe… And then you went all the way back to your home walking and weeping just to discover that the person was your dad’s friend and he was playing around with you. Actually he had already called your dad and told about it. And what about the the Diwalis? You sincerely used to take part in the prayers…. But actually praying Him to finish the ceremonies quickly so that you could begin your stupid ‘crackers bursting’…. I used to tell you a million times that its just not good for your health, but you just did not want to listen to me… And then.. you remember the result pretty well…
Well, these are just a few of the memories which I will always cherish… My brain is just  full of such memories..I will always remember the good old times passed with you….. But now a days you don’t seem to be the same guy as you earlier used to be. Ofcourse a lot of things change with time, as they always say…. “Change is the only constant thing…”
All these years I have seen you grow, I have seen you learn, have seen you experience, commit mistakes, then learn from mistakes, understand the things taught by this world, understand the things not taught by this world and what not… I am glad to meet this you with a larger domain of everything, say thinking, interests, working, friends and yes almost everything…. I do like this new you but I don’t know why I still miss you … You know, the old you…. The kind of person you earlier used to be, the way you used to think about various issues, the perspective you used to possess earlier, the way you used to talk, the way you used to hang around and various similar things… I am not saying at all that I don’t like this you but its just that sometimes I feel as if you are a stranger to me…
And this is just not possible as you and me are identical, we are same…. So, how is it possible that you seem to be a stranger to me ? ….
 I am not sure if I am making any sense to you but I am very sure that if not today, one day you will surely understand what I am saying….
Anyways, sorry to end the letter this way, leaving some unanswered questions for you…. But still…. Stay in touch…. You know we really need to communicate more… Oh by the way, happy holi .... :-)
Take care…..

Always with you,

Types of People

Types of People ~Ayush Jain

"Types of People"... Is it really possible to understand the various different types of people. Well, what compels me to write this is the "Software Engineering" exam which I have on 8 May.. Those of you who do not know as to how is this subject related to the topic, actually there is a chapter named "Managing People" in which we need to study about the various different types of people in a software based organisation. They categorise it into three broad categories...
(i) Task Oriented People : They are the ones who are technically strong and  are motivated by the task ie the work they do in their field of interest (or involvement).
(ii) Self Oriented People : They are the ones who are motivated by the rewards, success and recognition.
(iii) Interaction Oriented People : They are the ones who are motivated by the presence and actions of their co-workers, so the environment plays a significant role in their efficiency.

Well, according to "Software Engineering", that is it, only these three categories. All the people can be sorted out into any one of these categories.. I have studied this topic a couple of times before as well. I studied this in "Ethics & Values" and then in "Organisational Behaviour" as well. Even then the same question used to pop up in my mind that, really is this it ? ...

Think about it, you have met many people till date and you do meet many people on day to day basis. Will you be able to categorise them in some 3 or 4 broad categories ? I don't think so... Anyways, forget about categorising, are we really capable enough to understand this topic "Types of People"...
Sometimes, people stay together for years and years and still are unable to understand and "categorise" each other.. On the contrary, sometimes even a few hours let people decide whether they understand each other or not.

If you really need examples to understand what I am saying; well, there are ample of examples around, just have a look.. To take some influential examples, you may consider the scenario of the arranged marriage.. Some invested time, some meetings, total calculated time of a few hours, and the decision made, "category" decided. Some vital years of your life decided.
Ok.. Lets take a bit more professional example.. An interview room, a few questions, a few gestures, some preconceptions, some presumptions and the decision made, "category" decided. Also, your career of the first few years decided. 

In fact, forget about categorising many people. What about the same person changing "categories" ? People in this world change every second. Sometimes, we believe we know the person, but the moment we start relying on this belief, boom.. People change and these so called known people become strangers to us.. Lets not be pessimistic, the change can be for good as well (always its not for the bad, though this case is highly likely). Whatever it may be, but, the question remains, do we really understand people ?

May be this is one of those questions which are not supposed to have an answer. After all, life is not about categorising people (though exams are) and thinking as to we know them or not. Life is all about making the best in whatever amount you know the person or the persons. Its not about thinking and exploring the changes, may it be in people, or may it be in anything else. Rather, it is all about adapting yourself to the changing scenarios and getting the best out of it.

Enjoy all, have a good day... :)) 
~Ayush Jain

Life Moves On

and Life Moves On

Life is full of memories. I think forgetfulness is one of the greatest gifts which we have received from Almighty. Though we all wish to be able to have a sharp memory and be able to remember everything, but I truly believe what I stated above. Because of this forgetfulness only, we can say that "Time is a great healer". Numerous events occur in our lives which we really do not want to remember, in such situations this forgetful nature of ours really helps us a lot. If we would have been able to remember everything always; this world would have been a difficult place to live in. I think in that case these psychiatrists could have made cool money (well, they still are making :)). 

Every bad accident, bad event, bad experience, bad relation, anxiety, tragedy you had would have stayed in your memory and  would have haunted you whenever you may attempt to take some steps to overcome the burden and move on. Life itself really would have been tragic. Loss of a person, a family member, a closed one shatters us completely and fills us with anxiety and pain. But still we are able to overcome that because of this forgetfulness. Of course the time taken by a person to overcome varies from individual to individual but ultimately we are able to move on as we say "Life moves on" .

I thank Him for this quality (of forgetfulness) but at the same time I wish we could keep all the good memories we had; at some different partition of brain (or something like that), so that we may always remember and cherish the good moments we experienced, may it be for a few seconds or many days together. Anyways, these whims and fancies we have can never have an end. Lets be happy with what we have at least whenever something goes wrong; we can be sure that someday, sometime "Life will move on" and everything will be fine.

NEWS Bulletin - India in 2020!!

NEWS Bulletin - India in 2020!! A Satire
  • “The policies of the government in an anticipation to increase the status of women in the society; have been the prime reason for the increasing number of male foeticide cases in the country” said Mr. Chapil Dabbal, of the opposition party. These days parents are looking forward to have a girl child so that they can easily get admission in the reputed colleges for graduation and then can easily pursue their MBA from IIMs which leads to a lucrative job offer.

  • The home ministry has called an emergency meeting of all the SPs from different states to curb the issue of eve teasing prevalent in the society so that boys also can go out freely without any terror in their minds. Please note that the meeting has resolved to come up with a solution to increasing number of harassment cases against boys. 

  • IIT Nukkadgali, being the organizer of IITJEE 2021 announced that for the application form boys will have to pay INR 5000 while girls are asked to write their bank account numbers legibly to receive INR 20000 for the same. Last year many deserving girls did not receive the money due to the account numbers wrongly entered. 

  • Sh. Munna Bechareji enters the twenty ninth day of fasting, carrying out a nationwide protest for the reservation of the General category people to be increased from 0.5 % to 1% but the government seems to be ignorant on the issue. 

  • GDP for the last fiscal quarter was at a record low of 6%. A probing committee named Bundle Commission was established to find out the reasons of the same. The committee suggests the reasons to be increasing gossiping and chatting in the offices and the decreasing motivation at the work place, especially in the middle and the higher management due to the prevalent gender imbalance male female ratio which has gone down to 623 males for every 1000 females. Finance minister Smt. Haari Beemaari said another Pundle Commission will be setup to look into the issue and suggest some reforms for the issue. 

  • UGC has passed a new rule that no engineering seat can now be converted to any other course. It had become a practice amongst the private engineering colleges to convert the unoccupied B.Tech. seats to B.Sc. seats and sell them at high donations. UGC chairman has said that this kind of activity is unethical and hence will not be tolerated, if any university is found doing so, their affiliation will be cancelled unless they do not propose a “compromisal” amount (in white only) for UGC which is negotiable according to the turnover of the university.  
Note: This article is purely for fun and names of organisations or individuals used herein are assumed imaginative which have no relevance in any way with the reality; if found so it purely will be coincidental. Also, this article does not intent to hurt the feelings of any community or individual whatsoever.


Habits die hard....

Habits die hard....~Ayush Jain

Many people in this world make a hell amount of resolutions for the so called "New Year".... And as the year begins, slowly and gradually, those resolutions vanish somewhere without even making a beep.. I wish we had a mechanism through which we could monitor ourselves and rate ourselves on our own parameters constantly.. like a software for websites, or may be search engines... whatever...
May be whenever we are about to break some of our resolution, it will make some awkward beep sound to make us realise our fault... You know, something like that..
If we have a mechanism like that, we will be able to see ourselves outside ourselves, and that is where a lot of difference is created. If a person is able to see himself detached from himself, he can analyse himself well, see as to where he is heading, is this where he really want to go ?? How good is he  managing his life in terms of... whatever parameter one wishes to use.... But, all in all, this kind of analysis will really help us monitor that whenever we think we are contented with our ways of living, with our attitude towards various issues in our life; are we really supposed to have that feeling in our mind ?? Considering, the ultimate goal or aim we intend to achieve...?? Sometimes, in leiu of finding peace we comfort ourselves by taking a break, we think that taking a break from all the issues of our life for a while, we will be able to handle things in a better way when we return; don't know about all; but at least in my case it really doesn't work. In fact it makes things worse for me..Sometimes we just need to understand that whatever we need to handle, can easily be done in the given time frame if we just stay calm and maintain our inner peace... But obviously that doesn't happen....
We rather subconsciously start worrying, and this is the point where problems begin coz our inner peace balance is disturbed.. May be a lot of practice is required in maintaining inner peace, and taking a break may be helpful for people but for me, it really doesn't work....
One solution can be, to pen it down.. Whatever needs to be done should be written down, with the time frame required.. Hmm.. but this idea is better said than done... But at least while doing this we get a lot of self motivation that yes things can be finished off... But it has got its own cons, when we slowly watch that we are behind our schedule, it moves our nerves. In some people's views, this condition may not be good for the other tasks to be completed, but in my point of view, this condition is pretty good if we don't reach saturation.. The reason being that this kind of situation brings out the best in us. As, it is rightly said "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.." ..
And so, to an extent this helps us.. Because, we are able to push ourselves out of our comfort zones.. The best in us can come out only if we are out of our cozy comfort levels.. So, we may at times feel frustrated, and long for a break, but we ought to be mentally be strong and keep going and display our endurance till the task we thought to complete is not over...
I guess am deviating from the title.. Hehe... Anyways, may be that is why the blog title is The World of Random Thoughts... coz the flow of thoughts has no boundaries..Anyways, lot of useless stuff has already been added, so I better go off now...

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A short trip of mine. Lets learn a lesson. This Diwali.!!

As a child I really used to enjoy bursting crackers. It was really fun to do so with my family members and especially my cousins. But things have changed profoundly ever since. I now don’t like bursting crackers and in fact advice others to dissuade doing so.

Pollution Caused By The Diwali Crackers
Pollution due to Anaars
 A recent trip of mine, a very short one reinforced my perception. I was kind of bored so thought of going to CMC and pay a visit to the Jain temple there. I had some time at my disposal so I thought I will easily return by dinner time. As I was in a thoughtful temperament so preferred walking till Chittoor bus stand rather than taking an auto. But the little experiences I had on my way, changed my mind and after reaching till Chittoor bus stand I took an auto back to the campus. This is how it goes…

On my way as I was going, I was excited like a child as I could see the multicoloured egressing stars from the rockets in the sky from a distance. They looked magnificent, simply amazing. As I moved forward, the area where small houses are there, people were busy bursting crackers, the common ones which we see like the anaars, zameen chakri, rockets, bombs etc. 
Pollution due to Diwali Rockets
Pollution due to Rockets

But it was very difficult to pass from that area for me because I could not clearly see. I thought my spectacles are not clean because of the rain. But I was completely wrong because even without the spectacles I could not see clearly, so you can imagine how much smoke was there.

But this was not my only observation. I could see smiles on the faces of the small children and on their guardians. They all were happy. They were celebrating Diwali in their own way, though I believe they are economically weak. Still, the people were happy because their children were happy. Earning money is difficult but it is even more difficult to earn smiles on the faces of people you love, isn’t it ?

Anyways, as I moved forward on the left side there was a piece of empty land so I could see the horizon on my left where the land seems to meet the sky. To my surprise the lower half of the sky which was nearer to the land was of such a colour that it was scary to see that, it was thick whitish grey. Imagine the colour of the sky when all the houses in that area were put on fire. The smoke will rise up and would cover much of the portion of the sky; that was exactly what it seemed like. 

A city Mo(u)rning  after Diwali
A city Mo(u)rning  after Diwali
Imagine the people of that area, breathing in that air which had huge component of smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, manganese and even cadmium in it.

Now I have an important issue here, just to see the smiles on our children’s faces are we really ready to pay the price with their illness. (Other way round, if we are economically strong, does that mean we can waste water, electricity and other resources just because we can pay for them ? Similarly, in this case, does it mean we can pollute our environment recklessly just because we can pay for the colossal amount of crackers?)

Diwali and Asthma
Diwali and Asthma

I hope we all know about the diseases from which small children may suffer from, if this is the kind of air they breathe. Some of such diseases are asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and many more. Are those smiles really worth this price ?

We really need to understand this. Smile is an expression of happiness, and happiness is a symbol of purity. Moreover, I presume children are indeed the most pure human beings on this earth. So, is it difficult to make them happy ? Sometimes, unlike us, they don’t even need a reason to be happy. They not only keep themselves happy but also spread happiness in our lives, they have no tensions, no worries. Do you know why ? 

Child exposed to pollution in Diwali
Child exposed to pollution in Diwali
Because they have immense faith in their parents, they believe that they are always there for us to protect us, to tell us what is right and what is wrong. So, are we really protecting them by bursting crackers and making our environment so very polluted that Earth is not going to be the same place for their children, our grandchildren and the generations yet to come, to live here. This is a very basic question which we don’t need to answer to anyone, but, to ourselves. If we are doing it for our children’s happiness; think twice, is this the only thing we can do for that. Moreover, it is our responsibility to teach them whether it is right to do so or not. Also, if we are doing this for our own happiness (and not for children), well in this case as well same thing is applicable (because I assume you are of same category ie children and are not yet adult).

Bursting crackers was never supposed to be the synonym to Diwali. Diwali, in fact it is about the return of Lord Rama victorious from the battle which proved that good is always supposed to win over evil; so let us make sure that our home planet Earth does not lose this battle against this evil named “Pollution”, because if this happens, we will be the biggest losers !!

I think it is high time for each of us to understand our responsibility in this battle against pollution because ultimately, this is about our very existence and we can’t afford to lose it !!

Some links that may help you :-

Feeling sad sad sad..

Feeling sad sad sad.. Ayush Jain
What to do when things are just not going your way. .  Everything you do, goes wrong. . Whatever you try fix up goes messed up.. However hard you try and work on something, ultimately, the result is absolute frustration, kind of a failure... Whom should you blame when you think that its only you coz of whom all this mess is taking place... Everything goes negative and you just can't see any hope of improvement.. Whatever you expect, things go absolutely go the other way round.. In such frame of mind, we think its better not to expect anything even from ourselves, coz every damn thing you try goes wrong wrong wrong !!!... Need a lot of patience, peace and may be quite other things I can't even think of at this point of time..

Yeah.. I guess each one of us goes through this phase many times in life when not even a single ray of hope appears... . Well, I think this is the best time of life coz He wants us to learn some very crucial lessons of life and is somehow saving us from situations which can be worst than ones right now.. So, that may be the reason for this "phase". . We learn a lot during this time, we get to know our true friends, true buddies, and also the true faces of many people are revealed... But these things don't matter a lot in life.. What truly matters is that you get more matured, more experienced and of course you will be handle yourself better in a similar situation in future..  So, may be we just need to be patient and believe in ourselves that inspite of everything going wrong I can rise up... again ... and conquer. Am actually privileged coz the winner did not have to go through all this and he missed a lot of opportunities underneath failure which I could access coz of being a "failure"..... Or may be he did go through all this.. that is why he is the winner now, and not me... Ahh, this is indeed a good sign, if I capitalize upon the opportunities underneath "failure", I can be the next "winner".. Wow, thats great, I had to learn some important things which I need to be a winner and that is why I am not a "winner" but a "failure"....  Oh great, now I got it, "failure" is a state of mind, if you accept it as an opportunity (or opportunities) it is a phase before failure, as they say "If you have never failed, you've never lived..."... And if  we don't see the positives of failure, well, this is an alarming bell, coz another failure awaits you, and yet another failure and it goes on and on and on, till we learn to see the optimism in it, only then we get the hint that yes failure is the one just before success... As they say... "Success is just one more try..."

Hmm.. now am feeling great... no more feeling sad sad sad... Because now I know what to do...
I don't understand why don't I come to know what is going in my mind, until I blur it out here and there... somewhere...

With this note, I sign off... Have a good day, whoever reads this stuff, hehe...

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Dil aur doosti...

Dil Aur Dosti, (Heart & Friendship), Broken Glass

Dil aur doosti bas ek kaanch si hai,

Agar tut jaye toh kabhi judti nahi,

Agar wapas chaho toh bhi,

Saath milti nahi, 

Bas yu hi bata raha hu ab tumhe,

Kisi ka dil thod kar phir rona nahi.......:-D:-D

~Shyam K C

Powerful 'P'- An awakening poem about nature

Powerful 'P'

'P' for power plants
& power plants for pollution.
'P' for polythene
& polythene for pollution.
'P' for population
& population for pollution.
But when 'P' is plantation
it is always a solution.



As I passed through the deserted lane,
I heard a cry filled with immense pain,
In vain I looked around,
Strange! no one was found,
I then realized the cry was of the Earth below.
It wailed, " Restore me back to what I was long ago."
Our mother earth, has been vanishing by the menace of the polythene.
The diabolic pollutant has become prolific.
And has turned ecology helpless & weak.

~Bunty Copyrighted Registered & Protected