Feeling sad sad sad..

Feeling sad sad sad.. Ayush Jain
What to do when things are just not going your way. .  Everything you do, goes wrong. . Whatever you try fix up goes messed up.. However hard you try and work on something, ultimately, the result is absolute frustration, kind of a failure... Whom should you blame when you think that its only you coz of whom all this mess is taking place... Everything goes negative and you just can't see any hope of improvement.. Whatever you expect, things go absolutely go the other way round.. In such frame of mind, we think its better not to expect anything even from ourselves, coz every damn thing you try goes wrong wrong wrong !!!... Need a lot of patience, peace and may be quite other things I can't even think of at this point of time..

Yeah.. I guess each one of us goes through this phase many times in life when not even a single ray of hope appears... . Well, I think this is the best time of life coz He wants us to learn some very crucial lessons of life and is somehow saving us from situations which can be worst than ones right now.. So, that may be the reason for this "phase". . We learn a lot during this time, we get to know our true friends, true buddies, and also the true faces of many people are revealed... But these things don't matter a lot in life.. What truly matters is that you get more matured, more experienced and of course you will be handle yourself better in a similar situation in future..  So, may be we just need to be patient and believe in ourselves that inspite of everything going wrong I can rise up... again ... and conquer. Am actually privileged coz the winner did not have to go through all this and he missed a lot of opportunities underneath failure which I could access coz of being a "failure"..... Or may be he did go through all this.. that is why he is the winner now, and not me... Ahh, this is indeed a good sign, if I capitalize upon the opportunities underneath "failure", I can be the next "winner".. Wow, thats great, I had to learn some important things which I need to be a winner and that is why I am not a "winner" but a "failure"....  Oh great, now I got it, "failure" is a state of mind, if you accept it as an opportunity (or opportunities) it is a phase before failure, as they say "If you have never failed, you've never lived..."... And if  we don't see the positives of failure, well, this is an alarming bell, coz another failure awaits you, and yet another failure and it goes on and on and on, till we learn to see the optimism in it, only then we get the hint that yes failure is the one just before success... As they say... "Success is just one more try..."

Hmm.. now am feeling great... no more feeling sad sad sad... Because now I know what to do...
I don't understand why don't I come to know what is going in my mind, until I blur it out here and there... somewhere...

With this note, I sign off... Have a good day, whoever reads this stuff, hehe...

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