fUn is nOt jUst the cRaCkers

Festive mood with sweets and sparks,
For at least a week, it will last,
Day and night, it turns to one,
Resting in peace, will there be anyone?

With bursting noise, rattling your spine,
With crackling sound, making the dogs whine,
Colors of light, as Diwali was to be,
Crackers and fireworks,as you made it to be.

Prowess of firework, that you display,
Choking millions of them, on your verge of this play.
Smokers are better, who affect themselves and passerby,
Are you better off on your part, to deny ?

Taking oaths and pledges, for green and clean nation,
Make pretty sure that you turn them to action.
Burst your ego and not just the crackers,
This will solve most of the problems.

Spread this light, as you read,
Turn this seed, not into weed,
Let the people be resting in peace,
Don't let them " rest in peace" !!!!

Shyam k c

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