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Types of People ~Ayush Jain

"Types of People"... Is it really possible to understand the various different types of people. Well, what compels me to write this is the "Software Engineering" exam which I have on 8 May.. Those of you who do not know as to how is this subject related to the topic, actually there is a chapter named "Managing People" in which we need to study about the various different types of people in a software based organisation. They categorise it into three broad categories...
(i) Task Oriented People : They are the ones who are technically strong and  are motivated by the task ie the work they do in their field of interest (or involvement).
(ii) Self Oriented People : They are the ones who are motivated by the rewards, success and recognition.
(iii) Interaction Oriented People : They are the ones who are motivated by the presence and actions of their co-workers, so the environment plays a significant role in their efficiency.

Well, according to "Software Engineering", that is it, only these three categories. All the people can be sorted out into any one of these categories.. I have studied this topic a couple of times before as well. I studied this in "Ethics & Values" and then in "Organisational Behaviour" as well. Even then the same question used to pop up in my mind that, really is this it ? ...

Think about it, you have met many people till date and you do meet many people on day to day basis. Will you be able to categorise them in some 3 or 4 broad categories ? I don't think so... Anyways, forget about categorising, are we really capable enough to understand this topic "Types of People"...
Sometimes, people stay together for years and years and still are unable to understand and "categorise" each other.. On the contrary, sometimes even a few hours let people decide whether they understand each other or not.

If you really need examples to understand what I am saying; well, there are ample of examples around, just have a look.. To take some influential examples, you may consider the scenario of the arranged marriage.. Some invested time, some meetings, total calculated time of a few hours, and the decision made, "category" decided. Some vital years of your life decided.
Ok.. Lets take a bit more professional example.. An interview room, a few questions, a few gestures, some preconceptions, some presumptions and the decision made, "category" decided. Also, your career of the first few years decided. 

In fact, forget about categorising many people. What about the same person changing "categories" ? People in this world change every second. Sometimes, we believe we know the person, but the moment we start relying on this belief, boom.. People change and these so called known people become strangers to us.. Lets not be pessimistic, the change can be for good as well (always its not for the bad, though this case is highly likely). Whatever it may be, but, the question remains, do we really understand people ?

May be this is one of those questions which are not supposed to have an answer. After all, life is not about categorising people (though exams are) and thinking as to we know them or not. Life is all about making the best in whatever amount you know the person or the persons. Its not about thinking and exploring the changes, may it be in people, or may it be in anything else. Rather, it is all about adapting yourself to the changing scenarios and getting the best out of it.

Enjoy all, have a good day... :)) 
~Ayush Jain


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