The dark cloud of discrimination

The dark cloud of discrimination
Sets and classes, caste and creed,
Made by humans, for their greed,
Torn by apathy, with no empathy,
I am writing this one with full of sympathy.

The nations with people with varied stature,
Why do we have then, narrowed nature,
If I look into the, near future,
The country would be in mere fracture.

For their pockets to fill and treasuries to flow,
Now reservations are on the go,
Think for a moment, on your part,
SC and ST, why they are set apart?

Thinking of a bill for those Olympian races,
Where a SC made first, for the reservation he faces,
Others may have just their talents to show,
And hang their heads with shame and bow.

With privilege and priority, they are set apart,
Often we forget the realistic part,
Nation's pride is now on a bumpy ride,
Its now us to do, something from our side !!!!!!


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