IIT dreams

IIT dreams~ A Poem
Dreams of the millions,
flying past the sky,
injected into them,
when they were not so high....

From a puny tiny seed,
till those fruit hanging sweet,
never one tries to be at shore,
till he scores his IIT goal....

Millions of candles burned to dead,
adhesive eyes remained out of cossy bed,
pages losing their right corner,
sitting ages away like silent mourner.....

If you aren't a born prodigy,
then should have a proper stratergy,
thinking of being bookworm,
then you will be like a house swept in storm.....

The paper squeezes one's mental part,
totally you will be torn apart,
its a trick with a treat,
with some guesses to a geek....

Filled with notions, overflowing emotions,
like those seven mighty great oceans,
some zooming past the world so high,
seeing the bits of shattered hearts wry.....

No pain no gain is now old concept,
concentration remained an integral prospect,
smartness is what you need to acquire,
to make yourself for others to inspire.....

~Shyam K C


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