I WISH I COULD get back my school days

Among the trees I grew up,
Unknown the decades has passed,
Going up the stairs was just a game,
Now standing at the top, I feel scared,
One more step I"ll be alone,
Nobody to share my joys & sorrows,
No one to care for my feelings,
In the world of complete strangers,
These thoughts with me day & night,
I have become so big instantly,
That many things rely on my hands-
My career, my future, & things I never thought of,
I wish there was some other way.
That I could get back.
I wish I had a choice to take my friend along,
I wish I was a kid,
I wish I could I stay hare
Among my friends & teachers,
Among these trees & buildings.

Dedicated to My School
Army School Ranikhet


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