A Battle To Win [Part 3]

A Battle To Win-Prashant Mishra
(Read the previous parts to have a better understanding)

Our soul is dead,
No feelings inside,
Long ago from this day,
Our conscience had died.

Ego in heart,
Jealousy in mind,
Forgive all the enemies,
We're no more that kind.

"Life is a bitch",
We say this all time,
Thoughts full of revenges,
We've got for no crimes.

The battle is huge,
With the memories of past,
The good ones are good,
Its from the bad ones that last.

But deep into the ground,
We got to bury them all,
Our ego, the jealousy,
And the ones that made us fall.

Time will move on,
Life will keep up the pace,
And someday we'll say,
With a smile on our face,

Battles began,
Swords clashed,
Empty coffins,
Were filled in a flash.

But battles did end,
And noone had died,
The coffins were filled,
With the guilts we had inside.

Let 'tensions' keep on shouting,
And 'worries' keep on trying,
But seeing us winning the battle,
They'll all begin to cry,

"No more we live,
No more they fear,
No more they cry,
Now we've got all tears!"

~Prashant Mishra


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