Aerial view of mumbai ~ While Approaching Mumbai

Aerial view of mumbai
From an aircraft, even tall buildings look like small models of them, just like various Lego Blocks. Cars & bus you will  see like small small toys moving on the roads. Although from height like this (as seen in the photograph), you will not be able to see, any pedestrian person. All the world becomes so small that you will love to see. Much more area than your locality you will able to see, almost all area of a small city.

This photograph is taken from a Indigo Connecting Flight Window, from Chennai to Delhi via Mumbai. The flight has just crossed the sea, while making a round for the runway, and now it is receding towards runway towards a safe landing.

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Photographed By Vibhutesh Kumar Singh
Camera: Samsung Galaxy S2
Exposure time: 1/220 seconds
Focal Lengh: 4mm
ISO Speed-ISO-32

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