Life~ Ayush Jain
Life, What is life ?

The cry of a new born baby,
                or the laugh of a kid,
the energy of a youth,
                or the ambition of a new graduate,
the contentment of a happily married daughter's father,
                or the faith of the grandparents...
Why do we aspire something,
                which will soon get destroyed,
Why do we strive for someone,
                who will soon be separated,
Why are we happy about some possession,
                which will soon be lost,
Why do we love this life,
                which will soon be demolished,
Where do we find Life,
                and where are we ought to,
How much should we treasure Life,
                and how much be detached to,
These questions may never be answered,
                if we can't answer,

Life, What is life ?

                                 ------ Ayush Jain

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